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Bridget Williams joins CPLB as Postdoctoral Associate

May 7 2021

Dr. Bridget Williams will join CPLB as Postdoctoral Associate this Fall. Bridget received her medical degree from Monash University in Australia, and is completing specialty training in public health medicine through the Australasian College of Physicians. At CPLB, she will be working on how the value of pandemic preparedness and prevention activities ought to be compared against other priority actions for global public health. Bridget also holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Sydney, and is completing a Master of Studies in Practical Ethics from the University of Oxford. Bridget has held research roles with the Burnet Institute and Monash University’s School of Population Health and Preventive Medicine. During the COVID-19 pandemic she has worked on the emergency responses for the Australian state of Victoria’s Department of Health and the World Health Organization.