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The Center for Population-Level Bioethics (CPLB) is a new center dedicated to the study of macro-level bioethical dilemmas: those that arise outside the clinical encounter, at the level of the population, the state, the country, or the globe. Our work seeks to inform and be informed by fields of inquiry such as general ethics and philosophy, health policy, and health economics. We welcome innovative questions and methods and ambitious thinking, and value clear presentation of ideas.

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Frances Kamm releases a new book, Rights and Their Limits

01 Oct. 2022

CPLB Advisory Board member Frances Kamm, released a new book Rights and Their Limits: In Theory, Cases, and Pandemics, published in October 2022 by Oxford University Press...

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Michael Otsuka joins CPLB

01 Sept. 2022

Dr. Michael Otsuka has joined CPLB as a Core Scholar and is a Professor in the Rutgers–New Brunswick Philosophy Department. Dr. Otsuka obtained a BA in Political Science from Yale and a B.Phil in Philosophy and D.Phil in Politics from Oxford...

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CPLB Dilemma #7: ethical reasons against COVID vaccine mandates

15 Oct. 2021

The seventh edition of CPLB Dilemmas is now online. This edition asks: are there ethical (as opposed to pragmatic) reasons not to mandate COVID vaccination? ...

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VIDEO: The Ethical Imperative: Global Vaccine Equity

12 May 2021

On May 12, 2021 the Center for Population-Level Bioethics and co-sponsors 1Day Sooner and the Institute for Health hosted experts for a discussion of vaccine availability around the world, and to launch an open letter to the World Health Organization asking it to put several vaccine measures up to a vote in its upcoming World Health Assembly. The letter was led by veterans of the response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

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