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The Center for Population-Level Bioethics (CPLB) is a new center dedicated to the study of macro-level bioethical dilemmas: those that arise outside the clinical encounter, at the level of the population, the state, the country, or the globe. Our work seeks to inform and be informed by fields of inquiry such as general ethics and philosophy, health policy, and health economics. We welcome innovative questions and methods and ambitious thinking, and value clear presentation of ideas.

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Nir Eyal and Marc Lipsitch on methods for further testing of COVID vaccines

03 Mar. 2021

In a paper in Clinical Infectious Diseases, CPLB director Nir Eyal and Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch demonstrate that it is possible and ethical to use both standard ...

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CPLB members teach ethics of rationing during the COVID-19 pandemic

15 Jan. 2021

CPLB member Dan Hausman and CPLB Board of Advisors member Frances Kamm will be teaching a philosophy seminar on the theory

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CPLB Dilemma #2: the ethics of further COVID vaccine tests

22 Feb. 2021

The second edition of CPLB Dilemmas is now online. This edition discusses the ethics of continuing to test both existing and new COVID vaccines ...

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Press coverage of Nir Eyal’s work on human challenge trials for COVID-19

31 May 2020

A recent Journal of Infections Diseases paper published by CPLB Director Nir Eyal (with Marc Lipsitch and Peter Smith) defending the ethical acceptability of human challenge trials for novel Coronavirus vaccines (link to news item on the paper) is receiving national and international press attention.

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