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CPLB Dilemmas: conversations on difficult population-level bioethics questions

January 25 2021

The CPLB website has a new section devoted to interdisciplinary conversations on pressing normative questions of health policy and population health. Dilemmas will bring together contributions from a diversity of disciplinary perspectives, including those of population-level bioethics, medicine, epidemiology, economics, health policy, philosophy, law, and others. Rather than attempting to converge on a consensus, the goal is to think together about a hard question relating to ethics and health.

 The very first edition of Dilemmas looks at the pressing question of whether governments should delay the second dose of COVID vaccines, administer lower dosages, or otherwise depart from protocol in order to vaccinate more people earlier. The contributors are Eddie Bresnitz, medical advisor to the New Jersey Department of Health on COVID-19 response; USCF Medicine professor Phyllis Tien; and CPLB’s Dan Hausman and Bastian Steuwer. CPLB Director Nir Eyal kicks things off with an introductory overview of the question.