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CPLB members on the ethics of COVID-19 vaccine testing

December 11 2020

CPLB members Nir Eyal and Bastian Steuwer published an op-ed in Canada’s CBC, as the country debates whether to join the UK and fund challenge trials for future vaccine testing. With development economist Pedro Rosa Dias and global health leader Ara Darzi, Nir Eyal published in the Health Affairs blog a quantified estimate of the likely humanitarian benefits from conducting a challenge trial. New Jersey’s Star-Ledger published a Q&A on pursuing vaccine testing and challenge trials (in particular now that a vaccine is proven) with Nir Eyal, who also spoke to Science magazine on the topic.

 In The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, Dan Hausman argues that challenge trials of vaccines for COVID-19 are permissible, if the vaccines have the benefits and risks that have been claimed. He also explained his views in an interview in Rutgers Today.