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Frances Kamm’s new book on aging, dying, and death

July 1 2020

CPLB Advisory Board member Frances Kamm has a new book out, by Oxford University Press. Entitled Almost Over: Aging, Dying, Dead, the volume discusses philosophical, legal, and medical issues related to aging, dying, and death. In the book, Kamm considers different views about whether and why death is bad for the person who dies, and whether these views bear on why it would be bad if there were no more persons at all. She also examines whether it might make sense to not resist death, or even to bring about the end of one’s life, given certain views about meaning in life and what things it is worth living on to get and do. Bringing her philosophical insight to matters of public policy, Kamm analyzes how the general public is being asked to think about end-of-life issues, and examines arguments about the moral permissibility of physician-assisted suicide and whether or not it should be legalized.